The Stingiest Sip of Root Beer


Johnny didn’t know she was thirsty. If he knew, he would’ve given her the last sip. It was just root beer. Why was he so mad? Nanna wasn’t mad. And she was the one who asked for the sip. But he was furious.

“I taught you better than that! I taught you not to be stingy!”

Johnny shuffled through Lincoln Park Zoo with a red face covered in dry tears. He clutched Nanna’s hand. His mom and dad walked ahead of them. They were shouting at each other. People who walked past turned their heads to eaves drop the commotion. Johnny could hear them, but barely make out what they were saying. The only thing he could here was his dad using words he was not aloud to say. Nanna gave his hand a squeeze, and forced a purse lipped smile down at him. His lips quivered a frown.

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Belmont Breaks


Alice cupped her ear to the door inside her bedroom. She could hear her parents down the hall, arguing in the living room. It was her fault. It was always her fault when they argued. Even if they said it wasn’t—it was.

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You’re So Beautiful When You Sing

Noah took Sophia’s hand in his. It was frail, like holding a bunch of feathers. He wanted to give her a double squeeze, but knew he shouldn’t. He let go, and reached to adjust her blue head wrap.

“Don’t. Just take it off. Please,” said Sophia.

“Are you sure? It matches your gown,” said Noah as he took it off.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. It’s ugly.”

Noah took her hand again.

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