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Grandpa Gump


“Hey Grandpa. What is that box over there?”

“You mean that old trunk? That’s all the memories from Grandpa’s life.”

“Can we open it?”

“Not today, Pooh Bear.”

“But when?”

“One day, Pooh Bear. One day.”

_ _ _ _ _

James Hegberg stood in the cluttered basement of his Grandpa’s house in a black suit with a white shirt and white carnation on the lapel. It was one day.

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Ice Cream Dream


The old Royal Crown thermometer hung on the wall. It read 68 degrees, but it was by far the hottest day of the year. If this was going to happen for Gus, today was the day. He had sunk every last dollar he had into this, and if it failed, he didn’t know what he was going to do. He couldn’t think about it. Wondering what would happen if it failed was recipe for failure. His grandmother taught him that. When you believe in something, in yourself, you do it. You don’t wait, she’d say.

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Belmont Breaks


Alice cupped her ear to the door inside her bedroom. She could hear her parents down the hall, arguing in the living room. It was her fault. It was always her fault when they argued. Even if they said it wasn’t—it was.

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You’re So Beautiful When You Sing

Noah took Sophia’s hand in his. It was frail, like holding a bunch of feathers. He wanted to give her a double squeeze, but knew he shouldn’t. He let go, and reached to adjust her blue head wrap.

“Don’t. Just take it off. Please,” said Sophia.

“Are you sure? It matches your gown,” said Noah as he took it off.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. It’s ugly.”

Noah took her hand again.

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