Twin Flames Burning

JT looked at the business card. He flipped it around. The back was blank. He flipped it back, and read it once more, for the one-hundredth time.

Saturday. May 19. 8:27 pm.

Stella Ct. and Healy Ave.

Bring the Banana.


He looked at his watch. 8:19. It wasn’t like him to be early, for anything–not even a minute. But he had been standing at the corner of Stella and Healy for nearly a half hour. The anticipation had been gnawing at him for days.

Nobody knew where he was. It was too weird. Nobody would believe. JT kept playing it out in his head. Wednesday. He got home from work, put the leash on Daisy, walked outside, locked the door and took her for a walk around the block. He came back, unlocked the door, took the leash off Daisy, and she ran into the kitchen and immediately started barking. And there it was, on the kitchen table — the card. And next to the card was a green banana. He walked right past the kitchen table when he got home. There was no banana. He would’ve noticed the banana. Daisy would’ve seen the banana. There was no banana.


He pulled the banana, now ripened, out of the small brown paper bag he brought. He should’ve known, but he didn’t know. He looked at the card again and then put the banana back in the bag. The sun was all but gone, and the night clouds were starting to tumble in. The light was low off the houses in the cul-de-sac, and the wind began to pick up. JT felt like he was in a movie set like this wasn’t real. He looked at his watch again. 8:23. It was too dark to be this early.

The street signs looked old. It was the old part of town, so that made sense. But there was something different—like they were from another time. Not that they still existed FROM another time, but that they were existing IN another time. The way the rust illuminated, and the paint peeled from the porcelain, it was almost as if the signs were wet. But, it hadn’t rained in days. And why Stella and Healy? Why not, say, Maple and Euclid? There are thousands of intersections. Why Stella and Healy?

JT’s watch read 8:25. He looked left and right down Healy Avenue. From the right appeared a dark grey car, like a large utility wagon. The driver pulled up and parked behind JT’s white truck.  The headlights turned off. A beat later the driver’s side door opened. Out stepped a person, small in frame. They began walking towards JT. He squinted. And then, in an instant, his heart and stomach switched places before lodging in his throat, and he began to tremble. They got closer and then stopped in front of JT. Each locked eyes. They smiled awkward, old love smiles. It was Lisa.

“Did you…”

“No. Did you,” she asked?

“No,” he said.

“Then who?”

“No clue.”

Their vibrations exchanged. She was trembling just as much as JT was shaking, and without thinking, they embraced in a hug and trembled together. He was the first to let go. He didn’t want to let go.

Lisa pulled out a brown banana from her coat pocket. All JT could do was corner a smile and shake his head in disbelief. He pulled out the banana he brought and handed it to her. They both began to laugh as they exchanged bananas.

“Oh! Bananas. Because of, we…”


The sky instantly fell pitch black, and it stayed pitch black long enough for them to absorb the moment. There. They were there. After more than a year, and the worst heartbreak imaginable. Ten thousand things to say, and none of them mattered. And as soon as the moment was absorbed, the sky opened back up. And at 8:27 pm on Saturday, May 19, the sun shone brighter than noon in a desert, and in front of them, everything had changed. The 50-year-old houses were new. The grass and the flowers were the greenest green and the pinkest pink. Below the signs for Stella Court and Healy Avenue stood two people who looked so familiar they almost didn’t recognize them.

It was JT and Lisa. Only it wasn’t. It looked just like them, but they were younger and in new old clothes. They were from a different time. And he was on one knee with her hand in his, as she stood above him with tears streaming down her face. It was them from this place at another time. It was them in every situation and in every time.

“Stella, my love. Will you marry me,” asked the man that was him?

“In any lifetime, Healy. The answer is yes,” said the woman that was her.

JT began to cry. Lisa took his hand with hers. He squeezed as never to let go.


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