-Unfortunately, we are not a commission business. If you have a Relic you’d like to see sold on Once Found, we suggest that you contact us HERE. Perhaps we can work something out, people doing business with people, if it means something to you to have us write a story about it and get it into someone’s hands who will appreciate it.

-Market value is taken into account when pricing each Relic; condition, rarity, and desirability being big factors. But, shopping with Once Found is a more immersive experience than buying an antique on an auction site. We are are brand of nostalgia, of memories, and of life. The Relics are thoughtfully curated, and all accompanied with a hand bound and signed chap book. All of this time, and care, is included when determining the price. By attaching each piece to the author’s story, the item becomes much more than an item, is priced appropriately. 

-As self proclaimed treasure hunters, we find our relics the old fashion way. We hunt for them at estate sales, rummage yards, flea markets, leads, auction houses, etc. We buy Relics that speak to us, and tell a story. We believe it’s the story that matters, and the item is a vessel for that moment.

-Once Found cannot guarantee that all stories are family friendly. At times, themes, words, and subject matters may be difficult, or have adult themes and implications. We aim to provide relatable and intimate moments of the human condition in fictional form, and attach those moments to the relics of our lives.

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